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Most modern companies don’t have a problem with a lack of data - they have issues turning that information into actionable insights.

Speech Analytics

Most modern companies don’t have a problem with a lack of data - they have issues turning that information into actionable insights.

With e24 Technologies, our AI-based speech analysis technology allows your organization to analyze each important data point, review target keywords, and improve overall experience based on customer sentiment and emotion.

By utilizing this solution, companies can make smarter decisions about customer relations, marketing, customer support call center best practices, inside call centers, e-commerce, and technical customer support call centers. Compared to manual reviews of small segments of customer interactions, e24 Technologies allows you to scale to your preference and analyze a vast amount of data in an easy-to-use interface that’s accessible from anywhere.

Identify Lost Opportunities

Discover lost business opportunities through speech analysis, finding customers lost in the sales pipeline and make improvements accordingly.

High Intent Customers

Identify high-value customers who are demonstrating a willingness to buy - then sit back and measure the results.

Easily Searchable

Search any conversation for keywords, sentiments, or outcomes to improve marketing, communications, advertising, and sales processes.

Sentiment and Emotion Analysis

Prevent customer churn by analyzing sentiment and emotion in conversations and take steps to improve the relationship before it fails.

Agent Performance

Measure and analyze agent performance, identify high-performing sales agents, and utilize that data to improve results across your entire organization.

Secure and Compliant

Automatic redaction of sensitive information throughout call audio and text transcriptions.

Text Analytics

High quality data is essential, but if you don’t have the ability to analyze and quantify it, it might as well be unused space on your servers. Know your data and empower your company to become smarter, more customer-friendly, and prevent costly mistakes.

Always Listening

Able to monitor support chat, email, forums, and social media posts, our breakthrough technology allows for continuous analysis of customer chatter for better end user results.

AI-Powered Insights

We automatically detect and analyze all references to your company’s brand, targeted keywords, products, and primary competition.

Customized Reporting

Results and reporting are delivered in a granular interface on any device, to any employee, and accessible at any time.

Track and Monitor Competitors

Address the needs - and head off potential problems - of your customers with actionable, intelligent data. Analyze keywords, terms, and phrases throughout every text-based conversation within your reach.

Improve Customer Experience

With the capability to automatically escalate customer feedback and sentiment to the appropriate leadership in real-time, your product and customer success teams can prioritize issues and make improvements on the fly.

Scale to Your Needs

From 15% sample rates to covering your entire company’s customer communications, e24 Technologies’ solutions are built to adapt to your needs and budget.