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About Us

We believe in Human-intelligence & Artificial-Intelligence to deliver high quality solutions for our customers. e24 Technologies specializes in Speech to Text services and Speech and Text Analytics, leveraging Cloud, AI & Machine Learning Technologies.

SpeechIntel.ai, Transcription Hub, Phone Cloud Hub are products/services of e24 Technologies:

SpeechIntel.ai is an Artificial Intelligence based Speech Analytics product helping Call Centers uncover critical insights from every conversation and customer interaction to Improve NPS Scores, Increase Lifetime Customer Value, Increase Compliance and Boost Agent Performance.

Transcription Hub offers Speech to Text services like Audio and Video Transcription, Closed Captioning, Language Translation and Voicemail to Text Services.

Phone Cloud Hub offer a cloud based phone system with premium voicemail to text conversion service. Voicemail’s are transcribed by our live agents 24x7; voicemail along with the transcribed text will be delivered to customers within three (3) minutes.

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