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We help enterprises and consumers to convert their audio and video speech content to high quality text.

Enterprise Level Speech-To-Text Service on a Small Business Budget

e24 Technologies provides industry-leading transcription services for a wide range of industries and focuses, offering transcription accuracy approaching 99%. Starting at just $.75 per minute of recorded audio, video, podcasts, webinars, phone calls, voicemails, television or film (with closed captioning provided), e24 Technologies is among the most capable provider of reliable, timely transcription services in the world. HIPAA compliant and committed to confidentiality, our transcribers are highly trained and aided by the most advanced machine learning speech recognition algorithms on the planet.

Serving Education, Legal, Medical, and Insurance Industries - and Everywhere in Between

Accepting a wide range of recorded formats, e24 Technologies services the education field, lawyers and court officials, medical professionals, and insurance companies as well as journalists, media and content producers, authors, and other professionals who require reliable, consistent turnaround on their recorded materials.

Over 35 Supported Languages at a Fraction of the Cost

Starting at just $.08 per word, e24 Technologies offers over 35 languages for translation to English or vise-versa. Trusted by hundreds of companies, e24 Technologies is a leading provider of translation services around the world

Accurate, Reliable, Professional Translation & Transcription Services

The solution chosen by medical professionals, students, researchers, lawyers, insurers, and more, e24 Technologies prides itself on delivering fast, accurate transcriptions of your audio or video content starting at just $0.75 per minute

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