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SPEECH INTEL AI – Automated quality manager for call centers

The word Artificial Intelligence is now redefining our life and work with innovation and infinite possibilities. Every business is based on the demand for consumers. Customer voice support is a crucial aspect for the growth of any business since effective communication with customers to understand their needs is the key to success. Customer voice support is a concept that describes how a company takes control of how it interacts with its customers. A successful call center requires a 360-degree view of customers, with integrated, up-to-date data on customer accounts. This big data helps us to create a customer journey map and capture customer feedback to track customer satisfaction. Any businesses regardless of their industry provide voice support for customers through call centers and they process immense data and huge client's information database management systems.

What is Speech Intel AI?
Speech Intel is an Artificial Intelligence-driven automated quality manager for call centers to monitor call interactions and agent performance. Our advanced machine learning algorithm along with an unparalleled natural language processing engine can interpret and analyze human interactions with utmost accuracy to discover valuable intelligent insights. Automate all your call center agent's performance measurement effortlessly with our configurable auto agent scoring engine. The scoring engine can be calibrated for your company's performance measurement standards and monitoring parameters to analyze all the recorded calls for the agent's performance. Speech Intel's Auto Agent Coaching Engine will actively analyze the agent’s performance score and provide custom suggestions to improve the performance of your agent and dramatically decrease the supervisor's manual training effort and cost. Elevate your agent's performance with Speech Intel’s Quality Center Al/Analytics for increased efficiency. When integrated you’re your call center computers, Our Speech Intel Al constantly monitors all your call recordings to analyze and derive agents performing score and automatically provides effective recommendations for every agent to maximize their performance by up to 90%.

Massive Contact Centers usually process hundreds and thousands of calls, texts, and chats a week — but without such data becoming available; it may be impossible to understand and utilize to guide potential behavior. Although it would be difficult for a person to manually process all of this data, not to mention extremely costly and time-consuming, The Speech Intel AI can examine up to 100% of the recorded calls in contact center and immediately expose patterns in agent and customer interactions. The opportunity to access knowledge from the big data in Contact Center easily reduces confusion and empowers companies to achieve a better view of the consumer experience and therefore, how to best support consumers.

How Contact centers are leveraging Artificial Intelligence?
Contact centers are undergoing a significant transition made possible by technology. The contact center has traditionally been a back-office function mainly focused on operational performance and cost reduction. Today's modern contact center has a wider, more pragmatic role to play; namely providing better consumer services, improving customer relationships, and growing revenues. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to uncover unique and valuable insights through large amounts of data. In the atmosphere of the Contact Center, you can have an idea about the opportunities enabled by AI on the consumer experience and identify moments of truths, the key times where a client expresses a decision regarding the products or service. Crucially, AI will also allow you to recognize the pain points of your customers in the customer care area, allowing you to better understand and respond to their particular needs.

As queries and consumer needs become more complicated, agents need to be resourceful and they can locate the best responses and provide them in several ways. When the contact center becomes one of the key customer aspects of the company after purchase, businesses can afford to offer anything but the best when it comes to customer experience. When it comes to streamlining communication centers, they need to look beyond the standard, beyond IVR and cloud telephony. The best way to do that is to motivate oneself with artificial intelligence. AI in Contact Centers may provide additional information and client knowledge to agents and can be used to support them address more complicated problems where self-service may not be sufficient.

It's a popular myth that AI saves your money by removing most of your contact center’s agents. In fact, without humans, you cannot have true AI. AI technology can be used to develop and allow agents to provide improved customer interactions. However, having access to high quality, clean data is the only way for it to do that. For traditional contact centers, that is the biggest challenge in achieving modern customer experiences. Over the years the software has become so intricate that any customer-facing chatbot or AI-powered voice attendant will undermine its effectiveness. Some of the secret laws of the industry include data pattern of broad contact center bases, passed under the radar before, Owing to sample research. Relying on AI to acquire data from hundreds of millions of interactions leads to actionable discoveries and customer insights driving auto agent recommendations and optimizing the efficiency of agents and contact centers.

Speech Intel Al-driven automated quality manager for contact centers
A contact center accumulates processes and produces constantly vast amounts of data. The AI brain should send out a red alert to QA supervisors about specific data points when something goes wrong. This can help to resolve the issue in an appropriate time to enhance the customer experience in a contact center. Directly or indirectly, for the activities they are supposed to conduct, every person in the contact center will be able to benefit from realistic AI assistance. Contact centers can reduce manual monitoring, by analyzing the interactions of agents in the call recording Speech Intel AI has an auto agent scoring capabilities to produce a dedicated scoring sheet for every individual agent based on their performance analyzed from the call recordings. The use of electronic assistance to minimize informal encounters between agent and superiors, allow managers more time to focus on employee engagement activities and provide agents with higher quality time with customers.

Speech Intel AI comes with the Auto agent coaching engine. AI will consider emerging agent performance and recommend smart suggestions to improvise agents based on understanding. Today, you can inspire agents with good advice, proposing the next best behavior to address difficult consumer issues efficiently. The AI engine will suggest smart recommendations for every agent specifically based on their performance to increase their overall productivity. The AI can proactively provide knowledge through a centralized app, thereby avoiding agents from needing to navigate several data sources every single time. AI recommendations lead to optimizing the main metrics which define the performance of the day-to-day operation of your contact center.

Inbound and outbound communications with customers are routine and important aspects of every business that’s thriving among the competitors. Analyzing this big data in effective ways means a sustainable business. Speech Intel AI is the innovation to redefine Call center's quality management workflows. Speech Intel’s sophisticated learning algorithms can process and interpret emotional signals during customer support calls and help companies better understand consumer frustrations, positive reactions, and anger to improve their service, customer satisfaction, and experience. Consider how your customers feel about experiences with traditional contact centers. The standards are higher than ever before and you will fall behind competitors unless you take steps to transform your Contact Centre. Now is the time to clean up your data in the contact center and to prepare for AI. The technology remains advanced. However, you can unlock benefits, for both customers and employees, if you can implement AI in your contact center.

Every feedback received from the customers is an opportunity for the betterment of services. Your agent’s performance directly impacts the performance of your business, and Speech Intel’s Agent Performance Score will help you identify, measure, and improve agent performance. Customer's emotional value and satisfaction are very important to retain and gain more customers, with speech Intel AI Agent PX integrated CEM, and you can eliminate the sample calls and analyze 100% of your calls and improve agent performance. A strong relationship with the customers ensures the bright future of the company.